Motorist Modernization

MyDMV Portal

FLHSMV recently launched the all-new MyDMV Portal to provide Floridians and partners access to expanded online services. In addition to renewing and replacing your license, Florida ID card or registration, there are many other improved features. For example, you can clear many insurance suspensions, pay reinstatement fees, purchase and print your driver record, obtain a clearance letter and subscribe to receive email notifications.

First-time users of MyDMV Portal will need to create an account. Please ensure you have information related to your identification card, driver license and motor vehicle records available before starting this process. This information will be vital to successfully answer the security questions related to your record within the allotted time. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Registration information (vessel, motor vehicle, mobile home);
  • Your current driver license/ID card;
  • Primary proof of identity; and
  • Any legal presence documents, if applicable;

Visit to create an account or log in today.

With a MyDMV Portal account, customers will be able to:

  • Renew your Florida driver’s license, identification card, and commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • Apply for a replacement Florida driver’s license, ID card, CDL, and Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP).
  • Request and pay for your driver’s registration, which you can mail, send by certified mail, or print from your personal printer.
  • Update your car insurance information to remove existing penalties.
  • Update your emergency contact information (ECI).
  • Update your mailing address.
  • Process driver’s license verification checks.
  • Monitor a minor child, so you can receive notifications of any changes to the child’s license or driver’s status or withdraw parental consent.
  • Present business customers with the ability to monitor an employee, so they can be notified of any changes to the employee’s license or driver status.
  • Request a letter of authorization of the current status of the driver’s record from the MyDMV Portal, which can be downloaded and printed from a personal printer.
  • Pay and remove certain penalties from a personal computer or smartphone.
  • Pay for and remove CDL medical disqualifications from a personal computer or smartphone.
  • Request and pay for the hearings of the Office of Administrative Reviews (BAR).
  • Submit a motorized voter application during a driver’s license transaction.
  • View, download and print generated documents.
  • Review access to your own registry.


MyDMV Portal Tear Sheet