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The Motorist Modernization Advisory Board serves in a governance capacity to the Motorist Modernization Program. It provides input and strategic guidance to the Motorist Modernization Program Director and the Executive Steering Committee to assist in decision making. It consists of seven (7) representatives from DHSMV, Florida Court Clerks, and Florida Tax Collectors, who meet monthly. Members advise, assist, support and advocate for the project.

In order to better serve and support our customers, the Motorist Modernization Program is re-engineering all of the motorist systems. To achieve this, the Department has developed a multi-year phased plan to mitigate risks and provide improved functionality. The planned work is grouped into three phases: Driver Licenses, Motor Vehicles, and Licensing and Business Support systems. Phasing the work lowers overall project risk while providing improved services to our customers.

Motorist Modernization Phase I is DHSMV’s top priority. Robust collaboration with our stakeholders is shaping the technology being created by the Motorist Modernization team, and producing efficiencies among the processes that the technology supports.

Advisory Board meetings are open to the public.