Motorist Modernization


The Motorist Modernization initiative is a multi-year phased plan for re-engineering the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ driver license and motor vehicle systems to create efficiencies in the department’s work processes, enhance safety features for law enforcement agencies and streamline interactivity for customers now and into the future. When complete, the initiative will modernize driver license and vehicle registration systems to serve Florida’s growing population, without growing government. Customers may experience shorter wait times at local driver license and motor vehicle service centers and will gain access to additional online options.

Motorist Modernization includes a robust collaboration with law enforcement agencies, tax collectors, dealerships, insurance companies, emergency services and state agencies, among additional various stakeholders. Stakeholder input continues to be a valuable part of this process and will help shape the new technology and ensure increased efficiency.

The Motorist Modernization team is currently in Phase II for developing the innovative Online Registration and Identity Operating Network (ORION). The new systems from Phase I are now implemented and fully functional within ORION.


Advisory Boards

The Motorist Modernization Advisory Boards serve in a governance capacity to the Motorist Modernization Program. The boards provide input and strategic guidance for the Motorist Modernization team and the Executive Steering Committee to assist in decision making. The meetings consist of multiple representatives from various departments and agencies in Florida. Members advise, assist, support and advocate for the program.


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Phase II





Learn more about Motorist Modernization by attending an upcoming Advisory Board meeting or by reviewing videos from past meetings. Advisory Board meetings are open to the public and publicly noticed per Florida statutes.

The Phase I Advisory Board members advised on updates to driver license systems. After Phase I development efforts were fully implemented in early 2021 by the department with no further action items remaining, the Phase I Advisory Board members met for the final board meeting on January 11, 2022. On this date, the Phase I Advisory Board successfully fulfilled its duties. As a result, the Phase I Advisory Board was successfully dissolved.

The Office of Motorist Modernization thanks all Phase I Advisory Board members for their service to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the citizens of Florida. Their contributions, expertise, and commitment have been greatly appreciated.

The Phase II Advisory Board is currently active with board members focusing on updates to motor vehicle systems.