Medal of Valor Award

Trooper Philip McMillan

Trooper Philip McMillanTrooper Phillip McMillian responded to assist in the search for a suspect. The suspect, a felon on state probation, was involved in two hit and run crashes in his attempt to flee. As Trooper McMillan was looking for the suspect, the suspect shot at Trooper McMillan from a wooded area towards the roadway in an apparent ambush style attack. Trooper McMillan immediately took cover and returned fire at the suspect. He positioned himself approximately 30 yards to the east behind a Toyota sport utility vehicle, Trooper McMillan observed the suspect moving straight towards him with hands extending out pointing a semi-automatic handgun while continually pulling the trigger. The suspect chose to attack Trooper McMillan instead of continuing to run, which forced Trooper McMillan to return gun fire to defend himself. Trooper McMillan was able to stop the immediate danger to himself and others in the area, allowing for the apprehension of the suspect, who was subsequently provided medical care at an area hospital.