Medal of Valor Award

Trooper Horlkins Saget

Trooper Horlkins SagetOn September 8, 2020, at approximately 6:02 p.m., Trooper Horlkins Saget was notified that Trooper Megan Stiles was in an active pursuit on I-95, just north of Atlantic Avenue, in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Being in the immediate area, Trooper Saget joined the pursuit. The suspect vehicle made an abrupt exit from I-95 onto Atlantic Avenue.  As the vehicle entered the intersection at I-95 and Atlantic Avenue, it crashed into another vehicle, ultimately causing disabling damage to the suspect vehicle.  The suspect was able to drive from the scene of the crash approximately one-half mile before abandoning the heavily damaged vehicle.  The suspect exited his vehicle and fled on foot into a nearby neighborhood while carrying a military style rifle and a semi-automatic handgun.  As Trooper Saget and Trooper Stiles continued to pursue, the suspect turned and discharged his rifle at them.  The armed suspect then continued to flee on foot between houses.  By this time, Trooper Saget had exited his vehicle and began pursuing the suspect on foot.  Trooper Stiles also exited her vehicle and continued to pursue the suspect on foot just behind Trooper Saget.  The suspect ran between two houses in an apparent attempt to ambush Trooper Saget and Trooper Stiles, who were close behind.  Knowing the suspect was armed and extremely dangerous, the troopers cautiously, yet courageously, turned the corner of a house still in pursuit of the suspect.  It was at that corner where the suspect staged to purposely engage the troopers in a firefight.  As Trooper Saget rounded the corner he was immediately engaged by the suspect who discharged his handgun at Trooper Saget. Fortunately, Trooper Saget was not struck.  Trooper Saget instinctively and immediately returned fire, striking the suspect and ending the deadly threat.  Trooper Saget’s ability to neutralize the suspect was extraordinary. Trooper Saget had pursued the subject for hundreds of yards on foot and then, after turning a blind corner, was able to immediately respond to the suspect who had set up an ambush attack in close quarters and initiated the first shot on Trooper Saget.    As Trooper Stiles was immediately behind Trooper Saget, she was able to secure the suspect and begin CPR efforts.  Trooper Saget then obtained First Aid equipment and assisted Trooper Stiles with lifesaving efforts. Despite their efforts, the suspect succumbed to his injuries.

It was later determined the suspect was wanted by authorities on multiple felony warrants and was considered armed and dangerous.

Impressively, Trooper Saget and Trooper Stiles had recently been released from field training.  Both members were released to solo patrol approximately forty-five days prior to the shooting incident.  Trooper Saget and Trooper Stiles performed above and beyond the call of duty when faced with an imminent risk of death.  Trooper Saget and Trooper Stiles maintained their composure throughout the entire event which included a vehicle pursuit, foot pursuit, gun battle, and subsequent lifesaving efforts.  While both Troopers represented the Florida Highway Patrol with courage and heroism and are commended for their selfless service to the citizens of the community whom they serve, Trooper Saget was exposed to extreme peril and his immediate actions not only neutralized the threat to himself, but also to Trooper Stiles and the public at large.