Third Party Administrator Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What insurance companies should I contact to obtain the required insurance policies (i.e., general liability and worker’s compensation insurance)?

    The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) does not recommend or endorse specific insurance companies.

  • What bond companies should I contact to obtain the required performance bond?

    DHSMV does not recommend or endorse specific bonding companies.

  • Am I required to have a separate $200,000 bond if I want to conduct both the skills and knowledge test examinations?

    Yes. Each service has a separate agreement and separate requirements.

  • What is the reason for the requirement of having a $200,000 bond for each contract for services?

    Providing Class E Knowledge or Skills Exams as an authorized third party administrator (TPA) gives the TPA access to the test taker’s confidential personal and financial information. The bond amount has been set at $200,000 to ensure that DHSMV and/or test takers are compensated if fraud or misuse is determined.

  • Is it necessary to submit full fingerprint background checks with the application, along with having to do background checks on new employees before they are hired?

    The application should include background checks on each employee that has access to the testing materials and system. Additionally, all new employees must have background checks conducted and submitted to DHSMV for review and approval before the employee is allowed to begin working with any TPA.

  • If an employee’s background check is not accepted, is the whole application automatically denied by the Department?

    No. DHSMV would inform the TPA applicant that the application will remain on hold until the employee is either replaced or removed from the TPA’s application.

  • With regard to the use of company vehicles, we currently do not have any, but intend to acquire some in the near future; do we need the vehicles before we submit the application?

    Company vehicles are not required; however, when the TPA obtains company vehicles, they are required to provide the DHSMV with an updated business model and evidence of the required insurance on the vehicles.

  • Will there be opportunities for small (start-up) businesses to take part in the testing, particularly road and monitored (permit) testing?

    All interested business entities that meet the contractual requirements are encouraged to submit an application.

  • Will the tax collectors still issue the actual, physical driver license card?

    Yes. Florida driver licenses will continue to be issued at DHSMV driver license offices and tax collector offices offering driver license services.