Education & Courses

Commercial Driving Schools Overview

Commercial Driving Schools and Driver Improvement Courses provide education about driving skills, traffic laws, road safety or substance abuse. Commercial Driving Schools teach behind-the-wheel skills for drivers of non-commercial vehicles such as cars, small trucks, SUV’s and vans to prepare drivers to take the Class E skills test. Driver improvement course providers teach programs that allow an individual to retain their driving privilege earn a license for the first time or obtain an insurance discount.

Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) and Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) are courses required to retain your driving privilege under circumstances related to traffic infractions. ADI is the course customers complete if they received a point suspension or are a non-DUI Habitual Traffic Offender. BDI is the course customers complete if they made an election with the Clerk of Court to attend a BDI course instead of receiving points for a citation, or if they were ordered to mandatorily attend a BDI course. The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course is for drivers who have never been licensed before (some driver education courses offered in county schools may substitute for this requirement). This course is also required to reinstate a customer’s license if they are under 21 years old and receive a notice of suspension for driving with a blood alcohol level of .02 to .05.  The Senior Citizen Discount Insurance (SCDI) course is for drivers who are over 55 years of age.