Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

IRP/IFTA Audit Services

General Information

As a participant in the International Registration Plan (IRP) and the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), Florida audits the quarterly fuel tax returns and the annual registration applications filed by Florida-based carriers on behalf of all 48 contiguous states and the 10 provinces of Canada. IRP and IFTA audits are typically conducted concurrently and are designed to:

  • Uniformly enforce compliance with IRP and IFTA Agreements and Florida law
  • Promote voluntary compliance
  • Educate registrants/taxpayers

Two types of audits are conducted: those done in our office (desk audit) and those done at the registrant/licensee’s place of business (field audit). Audits are not conducted at the registrant/taxpayer’s residence. The audit process is the same regardless of the type of audit conducted.

An audit may result in an assessment, a credit or no changes. Audit credits may be applied to a future filing or, if the credit is $10 or more, may be refunded to the registrant/licensee.