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The federal USA PATRIOT Act requires Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders to pass a national background check administered by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before their licenses may be endorsed for transport of hazardous materials.


  • New, expired or renewal of a HAZMAT-endorsed CDL applicants must pass the HAZMAT endorsement written test, be fingerprinted, pass the required national-level background check, and present proof of residency prior to receiving the hazardous materials endorsement.
  • Fingerprinting must be done in a Driver License office at the same time the application for a HAZMAT endorsement is made.
  • An application form must be completed and turned in at the time of fingerprinting to be sent to TSA. The application is available below and at the Driver License offices. We suggest you complete the application on line, except for your signature,  and print the form before reporting to the Driver License office for fingerprinting.
  • An application fee of $91 will be charged to cover costs of the background check process, in addition to the standard issuance fee for the CDL and for each endorsement.

Driver License Office Locations

Hazmat Application Form


  • New or Expired HAZMAT Applicants: You will be issued a Commercial Driver License without a HAZMAT endorsement on the day you apply. If your background check is approved by TSA, you will be mailed a new license with the HAZMAT endorsement.
  • Renewal of HAZMAT-endorsed CDLs: You must begin the background check process at least 30 days in advance of the expiration date on your license to avoid possible ineligibility to transport hazardous materials while awaiting the results. Your renewal notice will advise you of that date. When you apply for the background check, you will be issued a new license with a time-limited HAZMAT endorsement. If your background check is approved by TSA, you will be mailed a new license with a HAZMAT endorsement that is valid until your license next expires. CDLs with HAZMAT endorsements must be renewed every four years, and may be renewed up to one year before they expire.


  • After completing the fingerprinting and application process, your information will be submitted to TSA to make the determination of eligibility.
  • Our Department will have no information on the status of TSA’s assessment process until their final determination has been made.


  • If you receive information from TSA that you did not pass the background check, you may apply for an appeal, or in some cases apply for a waiver.
  • The appeal must be made through TSA.


TSA HAZMAT Endorsement