FLHSMV Announces 12 New Florida Specialty License Plates

~ Divine Nine, America the Beautiful, Explore Off-Road Florida, Army of Occupation specialty license plates are now available to Floridians ~

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) is pleased to announce that 12 new specialty and military license plates are being delivered to tax collector offices and license plate agencies statewide. Floridians who purchased presale vouchers for the specialty plates will soon be able to redeem them at their local tax collector office or license plate agency, and those who wish to purchase one of the new plates are advised to contact their local office prior to visiting to ensure stock is available.

Divine Nine Specialty License PlatesDivine Nine plates

To be eligible for issuance of a Divine Nine specialty plate, a customer must be a resident of Florida who is the registered owner of a motor vehicle and who is a member of the applicable organization. The customer must also present proof of membership in the organization, which may be established by a card distributed by the organization indicating the individual’s membership in the organization, or a written letter on the organization’s letterhead which is signed by the organization’s national president or his or her designated official that states that the individual was inducted into the organization.

The revenue collected annually from the sale of Divine Nine specialty license plates will be distributed to the United Negro College Fund, Inc., for college scholarships for Florida residents attending Florida’s historically black colleges and universities; the Association to Preserve African American Society, History and Tradition, Inc.; and to the individual organizations outlined in section 320.08058(101)(b), F.S. to promote community awareness and action through educational, economic, and cultural service activities within the state.

Divine Nine specialty license plates are as follows:

Explore Off-Road Florida Specialty License PlateExplore Off-Road Plate

The revenue collected annually from the sale of the Explore Off-Road Florida specialty license plate will be distributed to the Florida Off-Road Foundation, Inc., a Florida nonprofit, to fund qualified nonprofit organizations that protect and preserve Florida’s natural off-road habitat; educate Floridians about responsible use of the off-road environment; support civilian volunteer programs to promote the use of off-road vehicles to assist law enforcement in situations such as search and rescue; support organized cleanups, trail maintenance, and restoration; and preserve Florida’s off-road culture.

America the Beautiful Specialty License PlateAmerica The Beautiful Plate

The revenue collected annually from the sale of the America the Beautiful specialty license plate will be distributed to the America the Beautiful Fund for projects and programs teaching character, leadership, and service to Florida youth; the provision of supportive services and assistance to members of the military community; outdoor education advancing the ideal of self-sufficiency; wildlife conservation, including imperiled and managed species; the maintenance of historic or culturally important sites, buildings, structures, or objects; and the development and modification of playgrounds, recreational areas, or other outdoor amenities, including disability access.

Army Of Occupation Military License PlateArmy Of Occupation Plate

To be eligible for issuance of the Army of Occupation military license plate, a customer must complete an Application for Military Services License Plate and must be a resident of Florida and a current or former member of the United States military who was permanently assigned to occupation forces in specific overseas locations during the Cold War between May 9, 1945, and October 2, 1990. Proof of active membership or former active duty status during this period at one of these locations is required upon application. Proof that the applicant was awarded the Army of Occupation Medal is sufficient to establish eligibility for the license plate.

Floridians interested in purchasing one of the many specialty license plates offered in Florida are encouraged to visit their local tax collector or license plate agency. A complete list of Florida’s specialty license plates can be found on the department’s website.


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