Florida Highway Patrol

Traffic Crash Reports

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FHP Agency Report Number
NOTE: If you do not have a report number, please contact the nearest FHP station to where the crash occurred for further assistance.

How to Request a Traffic Crash Report

Section 316.066, Florida Statutes, “Written reports of crashes“, governs the completion and subsequent distribution of traffic crash reports. Traffic crash reports are exempt from public disclosure for 60 days after the date the report is filed, except for parties involved in the crash and other specific parties outlined in the statute. This statute also provides criminal penalties (third degree felony) for the unlawful disclosure of confidential personal information and for unlawfully obtaining or attempting to obtain confidential personal information.

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To request a copy of a crash report online visit www.buycrash.com.
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Sworn Statement to Obtain Crash Report

Driver Report of a Traffic Crash

**NEW** Drivers can save time and postage by completing the form online:

Driver Report of a Traffic Crash (On-Line)

The simple-to-use online questionnaire will guide you or the driver through the completion of the report. Once completed, a copy of the Driver Self Report of Traffic Crash can be saved or printed for the driver’s record keeping convenience. It’s fast, simple to use, and the on-line process eliminates paperwork for the officer on scene.


You may download and complete the same report for insurance purposes

Driver Report of a Traffic Crash (PDF format)

NOTE: Please complete all of the applicable areas and mail a copy of the report to:

Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
Traffic Crash Records Section

2900 Apalachee Pkwy, MS 28
Tallahassee, FL 32399

  • Keep a copy of this report for your records and insurance purposes.
  • Remember to sign the report.

Traffic Crash Statistics
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