The Department offers an excellent comprehensive benefit package that adds significant value to your employment with us. The average employee’s benefit package has an estimated worth of $17,000! Benefits include:

  • Annual and Sick Leave benefits
  • Nine paid holidays each year
  • Personal Holiday (one day of paid leave to be used by June 30th of each year)
  • State Health Insurance coverage, including options for dental and vision insurance
  • State Group Life insurance (optional additional life insurance)
  • Contributory retirement plan through the Florida Retirement System



The Department also offers opportunity for professional and educational growth. Your development is important to us and we will encourage you at every step of the way. When you grow professionally, we grow as an agency.

  • Tuition Fee Waiver: allows each state university and community college to waive tuition and fees for employees to enroll in up to 6 credit hours of courses per term.
  • The Learning and Development Office: provides a wide array of training opportunities to meet the needs of FLHSMV members in various divisions, roles, and job types. Training offered by LDO includes:
    • Technical training, including courses in:
      • Customer service
      • Computer skills
      • Business writing
    • Skills training, including courses in:
      • Leadership
      • Communication
      • Conflict management
      • Team building
  • Supervisory Training: offer insight into how to build efficient and effective working teams, address weak skill areas in individual members, and provide professional development to challenge members to reach their full potential.  For those supervisors ready to embark on a truly challenging learning adventure, LDO offers the Leadership training dedicated to empowering individuals to develop leadership capabilities, fueling high performance and strategic execution within the Department.
  • Member Training: invites our members to take the initiative and make the most of their career status and opportunities to advance by working on professional development topics that range from foundational learning of communications to the facilitation of advanced visionary leadership.  Through special programs like Lunch & Learn, the department continuously strives to meet the needs of members at different levels and with varying experiences with exciting and challenging learning opportunities.


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