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How do I buy / sell a privately owned vehicle?

Buying and selling of vehicles between two individuals is a private matter. We strongly recommend the buyer not give the seller any money without receiving the title for the vehicle. Make sure the title is in the name of the seller and has been properly signed over to the buyer. Also, get a bill of sale from the seller to document the transaction and price.

Then follow the directions on How do I title and register my vehicle?

If you’re selling a vehicle that has a Florida license tag, remove it before turning the car over to the new owner. That license tag belongs to the person, not the vehicle it is attached to. If the owner is not going to put that tag on another vehicle within 30 days, they should turn it in to a driver license office to avoid possible suspension of their driving privilege. This occurs when you cancel the insurance on a vehicle that still has a valid tag. Florida laws require continuous Florida insurance on the tag, or turn it in to the agency when you cancel the insurance.

The new owner of the vehicle should go immediately to the local tax collector’s office to register the vehicle, or purchase temporary tags if transporting the vehicle outside Florida.


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