Operation Faithful Service

A message from the Executive Director

Director Dave KernerOn behalf of Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Highway Patrol is honored and proud to have assigned over 100 State Troopers to individual security posts at over 200 places of worship, day schools, and other events or institutions since Hamas committed despicable acts of terror and religious hate against our beloved ally Israel. Dubbed “Operation Faithful Service”, the Florida Highway Patrol mobilized immediately at the Governor’s direction to ensure Florida’s communities of faith and religion had the security and protection they deserved to continue to practice their faith and religion without fear. With the recent acts of terror by Hamas towards Israel and the Jewish people, the people of Florida fought back by continuing to attend religious services and schools. The Florida Highway Patrol is proud to be a small part of this beautiful moment amidst the horror that Hamas and other evil actors have inflicted. Florida will always remain a state where Floridians can practice their faith and religion without fear of physical attack or intimidation.

Moving forward, the Florida Highway Patrol will continue to provide enhanced security for places of worship and religious schools, so that no Floridian will ever have to bend to Hamas, or any other institution of terror or anti-Semitism. Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, our beloved state has become known as the “Free State of Florida,” not because it is a motto, but a way of life. The Florida Highway Patrol is proud to enhance our way of life by continuing to ensure the safety and protection of all Floridians in every way possible.


Executive Director Dave Kerner


If your religious institution or school is interested in additional FHP security for a specific event, please fill out and submit this questionnaire.