Criminal Interdiction Unit

K-9 Hero

K9 Hero, Tpr. Patten and Sgt. ShoaffAmerican flag1 flying at half-mastK-9 Hero was imported from Germany, where he already held a Schutzhund I title, to Lake City, Florida. He paired with his handler, Trooper Charles Patten, in 1993 and together they worked for the next 6 years with three different felony partners in two different troops.

During his service, Hero was directly responsible for the seizure of several million dollars in U. S. currency, including two separate seizures of over one million dollars each. He was also directly responsible for the seizure of over 100 kilograms of cocaine and pounds of marijuana. In one instance, he found cocaine in a van that had been under constant surveillance by U.S. and Canadian federal agents, but yet they were unable to find it when they stopped the vehicle.

K9 PrayerK-9 Hero was a goodwill ambassador for the Florida Highway Patrol, conducting many demonstrations at schools, churches, and police stations, and was a celebrity with two appearances on “Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol”, yet no one will know how many times his huge frame and presence prevented a dangerous situation from erupting while his handler was on the side of the road with a subject.

K9 Hero headstoneHero completed his service to the residents of Florida in 1999, when he was retired from service. He passed away from health complications, July 6, 2003.

Criminal Interdiction Unit

Pictured in the top left photo: Trooper Charles B. Patten, Jr. and Sergeant Mark Shoaff with K9 Hero.