Member Recognition

2014 Civilian of the Quarter

January through March | Mr. John L. Allen

Congratulations to Mr. John L. Allen for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from January through March 2014.

During this last quarter, Allen was instrumental in providing valuable insight during the installation of a new generator at the FHP station in Cocoa that lasted approximately two months and cost $163,000.

During this time. Allen have served as liaison between the contractor (Multi Band), sub­contractor (Telven) and DOT. Having a degree in Air Conditioning and Electrical, Allen was able to provide valuable insight into onsite obstacles that the contractors encountered such as locations of underground conduits and the relocating of the proper fuel tank.

Allen also fielded numerous calls from the contractors and sub-contractors during the project duration which lasted approximately one year while fulfilling your regular duty assignments.

April through June | Ms. Delaina Bruce

Congratulations to Ms. Delaina Bruce for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from April through June 2014.

Bruce has demonstrated consistent performance and dedication to the Florida Highway Patrol. Bruce ensures that new recruits have the equipment needed and have recorded all the information needed for troop records for equipment they were issued while at the academy. Bruce makes certain that all equipment from members of the troop is handled and documented properly.

Bruce conducts the annual inventory and make certain that every piece of equipment is accounted for and the proper documentation has been processed to prevent loss of state equipment. During the last inventory, a piece of equipment had been replaced at the Regional Communications Center by a vendor without notifying the agency. Bruce accepted the challenge and did not rest until she tracked it down and made certain the documentation had been properly processed to remove the old equipment from the inventory.

July through September | Senior Clerk Alma Judge

Congratulations to Senior Clerk Alma Judge for being selected as a recipient of the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from July through September 2014.

Judge is being recognized for being the sole member of the clerical staff at the Brooksville FHP station up until the first part of September.  Judge single-handedly managed to run the office which included answering the phones, providing services to walk in customers, and handling on administrative duties on a daily basis.  On numerous occasions, Judge had to field calls from troopers and supervisors on her own time just to facilitate a Department need.  During all of this, Judge managed to maintain a positive attitude and assist all personnel with their needs as well as assist in the training of a newly hired clerk.

October through December | Mr. Jerry Causseaux

Congratulations to Mr. Jerry Causseaux for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from October through December 2014.

During this last quarter, Causseaux spent many hours renovating the Tallahassee District station to safeguard the personnel working at this building. Due to the design of the Tallahassee District station, employees were required to cross through the lobby to move from one side of the building to the other. This was determined to be a safety issue, due to frequently having face to face encounters with FHP customers, who were sometimes individuals recently arrested by FHP troopers.

Causseaux spent several weeks with the design and renovation work closing off access to the public area and creating a way to internally access each side of the building. This consisted of installing a new door and two panels of safety glass as well as removing a door and completing the drywall work.

At the completion of Causseaux’s work, the Troop H Crash Records function was moved into a more secure office. Throughout this entire process, Causseaux was able to continue his normal maintenance schedule.

Causseaux is commended for saving the agency approximately $3,000 in labor charges and he continuously goes above and beyond his job duties and make Troop H run efficiently. Causseaux’s actions help better the function of the Florida Highway Patrol and the community.