Member Recognition

2013 Civilian of the Quarter

January through March | Ms. Sandy Watkins

Congratulations to Ms. Sandy Watkins for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from January through March 2013.

It has been noted that during the extensive absence of the Pinellas Park Sub District commander, Watkins has excelled in her work production. During this quarter, Watkins willingly agreed to assist Martin Smith, Troop C Office Consultant in the completion of several projects, which included the Arbitrator In-Car camera equipment survey, consolidating input from each district, assisting vendors with registration and W9 tax information in MyFloridaMarketPlace, communicating with vendors and following up on the Troop’s mail metering delivery status and assisting with the preparation of the postage funding purchase order request for the new mailing metering machines as well as providing excellent customer service to the public.

Watkins is to be commended for her dedication and we appreciate her efforts to keep the office running smoothly during this time.

April through June | Ms. Brooke Powell

Congratulations to Ms. Brooke Powell for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the quarter from April through June 2013.

As the analyst for both Troops C and F, Powell has been instrumental in helping identify enforcement areas of improvement.  Powell has helped assist Troops G in and B in gathering information to enhance their troop overall as well as preparing them for their next STAR meeting.  Powell has also worked with the University of Florida in an attempt to ensure that Sig 4 analytics is accurate.

July through September | Mr. David Richter

Congratulations to Mr. David Richter for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from July through September 2013.

As Troop B Office Operations Consultant, it has been noted that Richter carefully scrutinizes expenditures and seeks out ways to reduce expenses associated with vehicle repairs, building maintenance and other purchasing needs for troop operations.

Richter has also developed a troop wide tracking system for all invoices to insure compliance with departmental procedures which has produced an efficient and accurate system resulting in minimal discrepancies.

Additionally, Richter has voluntarily assumed the responsibility for coordinating Troop B radio maintenance and repairs, alias verifications, overall fleet management, and other duties that are not specific to his job. Richter has also routinely responded to issues requiring his attention, resolving time sensitive matters and offering assistance whether at work or off duty.

October through December | Ms. Fanny Macias-Sanchez, Ms. Vivian Ghindoc

Congratulations to Ms. Fanny Macias-Sanchez and Ms. Vivian Ghindoc their selections as co-recipients of the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from October through December 2013.

They are being recognized for their tireless efforts to organize, coordinate and implement the Troop E Holiday Luncheon for Homeless Children. The preparation for this luncheon started in July and required many hours of dedication to bring everything together to make the luncheon a success. They devoted many long hours after work, sacrificing time normally spent with their own family to make this happen for children they never met.

Part of the preparation involved reviewing letters to Santa from the kids expressing their wishes for Christmas and then ensuring their wishes were filled. In addition, they arranged for FHP K-9 demonstrations, occupant restraint demonstration, Fire Rescue demonstration and tow truck recovery operation. The children were also treated to face painting and a magician act. After the demonstrations, the children were treated to a holiday lunch followed by a visit from Santa. Lastly, this was done as Troop E prepared and went through a CALEA Audit.

Their actions help better the Florida Highway Patrol and the community.