Member Recognition

2012 Civilian of the Quarter

January through March | Esther Maldonado

Congratulations to Ms. Esther Maldonado for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter, January through March 2012.

Maldonado is assigned to the Fort Myers Regional Communication Center for Troop F. She frequently goes above and beyond her normal administrative responsibilities and has welcomed additional training in all available areas.

During the quarter, Maldonado assisted the Troop Public Affairs Officer with the coordination of public outreach programs and the designing of large visual aid materials for presentations at local community events. She also assisted with district clerical duties, the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement transition, coordination of events for National Public Telecommunications Week, and coordination of a semi-annual Fort Myers Regional Communications Center weight loss challenge program. Maldonado organized Troop F’s off-duty reporting, Fort Myers District Radio Bay Organization and Troop F Radio flashing and inventory.

Maldonado is always willing to assist staff, the public, and employees while displaying a friendly demeanor and providing a positive example for others. In her spare time, she serves as a mentor for numerous at-risk teenagers. Thanks and congratulations!

April through June | Jerry Polk

Congratulations to Jerry Polk for being selected the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter, April through June 2012.

On Sunday, April 8, 2012 while visiting his daughter, Polk’s granddaughter ran into the house yelling for someone to call 911. Polk headed to the swimming pool area where he found a two year old child not breathing, unresponsive and turning blue. Polk began cardiopulmonary resuscitation and noticed immediate resistance while trying to deliver rescue breathes. Polk then turned the child over and gave her four back blows with the back of his hand to dislodged what he had determined was an airway obstruction. When he delivered the next breathe he could feel and see her chest rise. Polk continued CPR until the child regained consciousness.

The Seminole County fire and Sheriff’s Departments arrived and transported the child to the hospital. The child has recovered.

Without Polk’s quick response and decisive action, there could have been grave consequences to the incident. Polk is to be commended for his actions during this incident.