Member Recognition

2011 Duty Officers of the Quarter

January through March  | Duty Officer Rickey Skinner

Congratulations to Duty Officer Rickey Skinner for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Duty Officer of the Quarter for January thru March 2011, for going the extra mile to save a life.

On March 3, 2011, Duty Officer Skinner received a call from a law enforcement officer working in his area at approximately 12:45 p.m. The officer asked Skinner to log him out sick for the rest of the day because he was not feeling well. The officer continued to explain his symptoms to Skinner, who recognized the symptoms as a possibly life threatening condition. Skinner continued to speak with the officer in order to keep him on the phone while he contacted Levy County Emergency Medical Services. Once Levy County EMS was on the line, Skinner told them of the officer’s symptoms and asked to have EMS respond to his home. EMS arrived and transported the officer to the hospital, where he was diagnosed as having a stroke.

Thanks to his quick thinking and desire to go the extra mile, the officer is now out of the hospital and at home recovering. The incident could have ended so much worse if not for Skinner’s awareness, professionalism and dedication. Skinner is congratulated for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Duty Officer of the Quarter for January through March 2011.

April through June | Duty Officer Leslie Holt

While monitoring Miami Intercity radio channel May 28, 2011, Duty Officer Leslie Holt heard from the Miramar Police Department that their officers were in pursuit of a suspected stolen vehicle. The pursuit grew more intense when the fleeing suspect intentionally struck a Miramar PD marked vehicle. The suspect was traveling south on the Florida Turnpike, when Holt alerted troopers to the pursuit. The suspect vehicle, which turned out not to be stolen but rather wanted in connection with an aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and a felony charge of fleeing and eluding, exited the Florida Turnpike. The vehicle began traveling west from the Okeechobee Road exit. The driver and five other suspects bailed out of the vehicle and ran into a commercial complex area. Troopers arrived on scene to assist with sealing off the perimeter and joining the subsequent search for the suspects.

While communicating with the Miramar PD and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department via Intercity, Holt used the Florida Interoperability Network radio system effectively to coordinate law enforcement communication with multiple agencies. Officers apprehended four of the fleeing suspects almost immediately while two others remained at large. Troopers, sheriff’s deputies and police officers continued their search of surrounding buildings and railroad cars. Within an hour, the law enforcement team arrested the two remaining suspects.

Holt’s efforts to support everyone involved in the incident exemplifies the very best of what our duty officers are expected to handle at any given time. FHP congratulates her on her selection as FHP’s Duty Officer of the Quarter for April through June 2011.

July through September  | Duty Officer Ashley Nolan

Duty Officer Ashley Nolan assumed her console Aug. 14 from the previous shift as a high-speed pursuit ensued. Nolan had arrived early, which is her routine, to become familiar with any current open incidents in her area of concern. The pursuit and subsequent area search that involved several state and local law enforcement agencies lasted a total of 5.5 hours, during which she remained at her console without a break. Nolan relayed information to all involved units, coordinated with other law enforcement agencies and kept all supervisors informed of all pertinent information.

Her attention to detail and patience while dealing with constant radio traffic and telephone calls was impressive. Nolan remained calm under trying circumstances and maintained a professional demeanor throughout the pursuit. Her work ethic, professional knowledge, patience and common sense make Nolan a true asset to her section and to the Jacksonville Regional Communications Center.

The Department congratulates her for earning the honor of Florida Highway Patrol Duty Officer of the Quarter for July through September 2011.

October through December | Duty Officer Mary Crimmins

On Oct. 29, 2011, Duty Officer Mary Crimmins answered a call from a distraught woman who stated that her boyfriend was trying to commit suicide. The caller reported that her boyfriend had taken drugs and wanted to kill himself. The caller advised that her boyfriend was armed with a firearm. Crimmins received the boyfriend’s location from a cell phone application the caller was using. Crimmins alerted zone troopers and other law enforcement agencies in the area.

After notifying AT&T and requesting they ping the cell phone for tracking purposes, the Lake Worth Regional Communication Center dispatch was able to locate the boyfriend. Law enforcement officers found him and directed him to pull into a parking lot and stop. After confirming that he was armed, troopers were able to convince the man to unload the weapon and leave it inside the vehicle. The subject was successfully taken into custody without further incident. Crimmins remained calm, under stressful circumstances and maintained a professional demeanor throughout the incident.

Crimmins’ work ethic, professional knowledge, patience and common sense make her a real asset to the Florida Highway Patrol. Congratulations to Duty Officer Crimmins for being selected as the FHP Duty Officer of the Quarter for October through December 2011.