Photo/Story Gallery 2013

TRCC Celebrates National Telecommunicator Week 2013

TRCC staff membersEvery day Florida Highway Patrol dispatchers work emergency situations which can be a stressful. Dispatchers are the voice at the other end of the phone or radio assisting a distraught caller or law enforcement officer when they are responding or reporting an emergency situation. TRCC staff members celebratingDispatchers take pride and honor when it comes to our dedication to serve the public and protect live.

The National Telecommunications Week, dispatchers were honored and celebrated for all their hard work and dedication to the Department. FHP honored us every day with food, gift cards, football game tickets drawing, Certificates of Appreciations and special visits from our leadership.

“On behalf of the entire Tallahassee RCC Dispatch, we want to take this opportunity to thank the Florida Highway Patrol for moral support and believing in us. We thank you for your generous contributions to each RCC,” said Forronte Battles, Regional Manager for the Tallahassee Regional Communications Center. “Your donations really made us feel appreciated and what we do has not gone unnoticed.”

A special thank you to the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council from the Tallahassee RCC Dispatchers.