Photo/Story Gallery 2013

MRCC Celebrates National Telecommunicator Week 2013

MRCC's Night ShiftThe Miami Regional Communications Center can almost be described as a world within itself; a 24/7/365 central hub which provides operational support for eight divisions of state law enforcement within the most densely populated county in the state of Florida, it undoubtedly demands a staff with the dedication, expertise, and skill to perform under the unyielding pressure encountered on a daily basis. The exceptional group of dispatchers who work within the MRCC never lose focus of the fact that the safety of the officers they support, as well as the public they serve, is always of the utmost importance, and this shows through in the tremendous amount of work they accomplish every single day. Every individual within our a center is absolutely unique, however they all share a common bond in their genuine willingness to help others and their ability to remain a calm, steady lifeline to those on the other end of the phone or radio. It is because of these extraordinary qualities which we take the time to celebrate these individuals every year, and this year was no exception—while it may never feel like we can do enough to thank them, sometimes the smallest gesture makes the biggest impact, and a big impact is precisely what the gracious donation from the FHP Advisory Council had.

MRCC's duty officers enjoy the week of celebrationWhile the mere mention of the word “Miami” immediately brings to mind visions of beaches and sunlight, that is certainly not the case at the MRCC, so we made the effort to bring that sunny, beach-like atmosphere to it. Inflatable palm trees, flamingos, wall murals, and various other decorations all contributed to the festive atmosphere throughout the week, and the addition of theme days such as “Mardi Gras” and “Sports Day” made great additions to the d�cor. In addition to this we were able to bring every shift—mornings, afternoons, and midnights— a varied assortment of food every single day throughout the week; some of the items on the menu included Asian rotisserie chicken wraps, Cuban sandwich platters, lemon & raspberry pound cake assortments, and honey barbeque chicken wings, just to name a few. Throughout the week we were also fortunate enough to have several Troopers stop by and deliver items such as an Edible Arrangements fruit basket and an array of “Hero cupcakes.”

We would like to sincerely thank both the FHP Advisory Council and the Command Staff for providing us with the resources to recognize our dispatchers during National Telecommunications Week.