Photo/Story Gallery 2013

LWRCC Celebrates National Telecommunicator Week 2013

LWRCC event collageMidnight ShiftThe Duty Officers are heard and not seen. They are back up for every officer and are the comforting voice for the public in crisis. They are the most important people you will ever know or have contact with. Our dispatchers are dedicated, loyal and valued members of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The 2013 National Telecommunications Week in April was the most successful and most meaningful NTW for Lake Worth Regional Communications Center. Lake Worth’s themes of the week were: sports team day, Hawaiian day, 80’s day, patriotic day, crazy outfit day, thank you luncheon and relaxed day. The dispatchers filled the week with laughter as we honored and celebrated them. Our Duty Officer Supervisors gave snack bags to all the dispatchers in celebration of their commitment.

Thank you to everyone that made this a successful week for the Lake Worth Regional Communications Center.