Photo/Story Gallery 2013

FMRCC Celebrates National Telecommunicator Week 2013

Hot off the serving ice cream sundaesNational Telecommunicator Week is a time to honor and celebrate the amazing work that our Duty Officer’s and Duty Officer Supervisor’s do. They work long hours under stressful conditions, all while providing the public and the road units with top notch service. This year, we were fortunate to have the help of many people in providing food and gifts for our dispatchers. We would like to thank the FHP Advisory Committee, Sgt. Schulter, Trooper Kellie Matthews, State Fire Marshal’s Office, and Sgt. McPherson with FAST for the contributions that they provided making this a special week. The Duty Officer Supervisors did a great job in coordinating the entire week.

On Sunday April 14th, each shift enjoyed ice cream sundaes, complete with numerous toppings to choose from.

On Monday, April 15th, each shift enjoyed wings, courtesy of Sgt. Schulter. We also Wings and awards.presented Nicole Suttles with a ABCD award for her excellent service, pictured below.

DOS Hedgecoth and Major VazquezOn Tuesday April 16th, it was Italian day. Our Senior Clerk, Esther Maldonado, brought in baked ziti for each shift, and CVE Trooper Kellie Matthews brought in lasagna. Awards and photo ops.The following day, Wednesday April 17th, the State Fire Marshal’s office brought in a sandwich tray for the shift to enjoy. On Thursday April 18th, Trooper Wannall brought in fried chicken for the shift. On Thursday evening Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Duarte came down to the Fort Myers RCC to say hello to all of the dispatchers and thank them for their hard work.

Photo op.On Friday April 19th, we had a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs. Major Vazquez, Captain Culhane, Captain Donovan and Captain Baumann all came to assist in cooking and to say “thanks” to the Duty Officers for the work they do. Major Vazquez and the RCC Manager went around to the dispatchers to hand out gift bags that were put together by the Duty Officer Supervisors. Each bag contained a travel coffee mug, Keurig K-Cups, a USB/Car charger adapter, pens and a gift certificate for Regal Cinema. In addition, it was announced that Sgt. McPherson with FAST would be providing the room with a Keuirg Coffee machine.