Photo/Story Gallery 2013

Florida Highway Patrol Named “Best Dressed” in North America

The many uniforms of the Highway Patrol.The Florida Highway Patrol received the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) Best Dressed Award for law enforcement departments with less than 2,000 officers during a reception in Orlando on April 5. Lt. Col. Ernesto Duarte and Captain Ken Spears were at the ceremony to accept this prestigious award. This is just “another deserved accolade for the best highway patrol in the country,” said Executive Director Julie Jones in a recent tweet.

“When you look professional and sharp in uniform, it instills a sense of pride in troopers and sense of dread in criminals,” said Major Cindy Williams. “Studies interviewing prisoners found that when they see an officer who looks legit, it sends a psychological message that the person is in control.”

Col. Brierton accepts award for FHP Best DressedApril 25, 2013, Len Ebeling, VF Imagewear, Inc. presented Col. David Brierton with the award from NAUMD. “2013 Best Dressed Public Safety Uniform Award, Department Under 2000 Officers.”

Congratulations FHP, looking good!

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