Photo/Story Gallery 2012

Regional Duty Officers Take on New Role as Communications Training Officers

Class photoRecently the Florida Highway Patrol Regional Communications Centers expanded their training program by reclassifying 28 Regional Duty Officer positions to Communications Training Officers statewide. The Patrol advertised the positions to allow interested duty officers to apply and compete through an interview process. Training officers not only will fulfill their required duties as duty officers, but also they now have the added role of training new communications personnel and of providing on-going training for all communications personnel who work in their respective communication centers. On June 14, 2012, all training officers successfully completed a three-day training program that certified them as Communications Training Officers through the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International. FHP is pleased to add this element to its training program and would like to congratulate those promoted to the position of Communications Training Officer.

Tallahassee RCC: Elizabeth Willis, Gloria Bryan, and Sarah Westmoreland.

Jacksonville RCC: Lou Fouraker, Michael Hancock, and Grace Foureau.

Orlando RCC: Erin Dockery, Amber Hernandes, Kimberly Manion, Stanton Parsons, and Kristy Mclaren.

Lake Worth RCC: Michelle Asselin, Rosetta Schaaf, Ashley Reese, and Serena Johnson.

Miami RCC: Ryan Albin, Maria Cruz, and Patricia Chong-yen.

Fort Myers RCC: Deborah Hannan, Carrie Jorgensen, Eve Labbe, Shawna Bond, and Jeanette Cluck.

Tampa Bay RCC: Aerica Wendt, Elizabeth Hollis, Stacie Hartman, Robin Stringfield, and Timothy Hobson