Photo/Story Gallery 2011

Troopers Quick Response and Training Saves A Life

Trooper TuckerCorporal TuckerDeputy RobinsonDeputy ComansNovember 23, 2010, Trooper Joshua Tucker and his father, Corporal Michael Tucker were taking a break at a local restaurant with Escambia County Sheriff’s Deputies Jason Comans and Ryan Robinson. While in the restaurant, a woman collapsed and all four officers, recognizing the seriousness of the situation, responded without hesitation. They moved the victim to an open area to better assess her condition and ensured paramedics with Escambia County EMS were notified. Trooper Tucker noticed the victim at first appeared to have difficulty breathing and the officers moved the victim to a position to ensure an open airway. After Trooper Tucker checked for a pulse and didn’t find one he and Deputy Comans began CPR while Deputy Robinson went to his patrol car to retrieve his Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Deputies attached the device to the victim it confirmed she had no pulse. After delivering one shock to the victim using the AED, Trooper Tucker and Deputy Comans resumed CPR. Just moments before the arrival of paramedics with Escambia EMS, the officer’s efforts paid off and the victim began to breathe again. The victim was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital where she was listed in serious condition the following day. The victim regained consciousness and was alert enough that she was able to thank the officers before she was taken to the hospital.

Without question the victim’s chances of survival were dramatically increased due to the actions of these officers. Their recognition of the situation and quick response combined with their training helped save this person’s life. The coordinated efforts of the Troopers and Deputies also demonstrated the cooperation and professionalism of Florida’s law enforcement officers from different agencies respond to a situation and to make quick and sound decisions in a joint effort to save the life of an individual in need. Trooper Tucker, Corporal Tucker, Deputy Comans and Deputy Robinson exemplified through their actions the highest standard of professionalism and selflessness going above and beyond their normal duties to save a life.

Pictured above left to right: Trooper Joshua Tucker, Corporal Michael Tucker, Deputy Jason Comans and Deputy Ryan Robinson.