Photo/Story Gallery 2011

Trooper Saves Lives

Tpr. MillerOn July 18, 2011, Trooper Ben Miller noticed a 29-year-old Dover man on top of an overpass in Hillsborough County. The man was sitting on the east side barrier wall of Fritzke Road over Interstate 4 with both legs hanging over the wall as if he was preparing to jump into traffic below. Miller approached the subject and asked him why he was there. The man explained that he wanted to kill himself and said he was going to jump off the overpass. He was positioned to land directly into traffic traveling in the center lane of westbound I-4. When asked for his identification, the man pulled his wallet from his shorts and stated that he would not need it anymore. He placed his hands on the wall, and it appeared as if he was about to jump. Miller rushed the subject and grabbed him by the neck, pulling him back off the wall and onto the shoulder of Fritzke Road. While Miller was securing him with handcuffs, the subject commented that Miller should have just let him jump. The subject was transported to an area hospital for medical evaluation. Hours later, the subject thanked Miller for his heroic actions and preventing him from jumping to his death.