Photo/Story Gallery 2011

Trooper Receives Award for Saving A Life

Trooper Marie Palisin-BonillaTrooper Marie Palisin-Bonilla recently received an award for her life saving efforts. The Knights of Columbus in Osceola County honored her for saving a man’s life after a car crash.

The trooper was in her patrol car at a traffic light when she heard a crash. She immediately went over to a pickup truck stopped in the middle of the road and saw a man, who had been struck by the vehicle, lying unconscious on the ground. After Trooper Palisin-Bonilla evaluated him and realized he was unconscious, she went into action and began CPR. The victim’s wife assisted with the life saving technique.

After several minutes of CPR, the man revived, grabbing onto Trooper Palisin-Bonilla. The fire department arrived and transported the victim to the hospital where he made a full recovery due to the quick actions of Trooper Palisin-Bonilla.