Photo/Story Gallery 2011

Sergeant Assists Woman in Service Plaza

Sgt. Cichoski On May 9, 2011, while working at the Fort Drum Service Plaza along Florida’s Turnpike, Sgt. Henry Cichoski was informed that a person in a vehicle at the gas pumps was suffering from a medical emergency and needed assistance. Cichoski quickly responded and found a woman suffering from what appeared to be a seizure.

After calling for Emergency Medical Service units, Cichoski observed her condition was rapidly deteriorating as she lapsed into unconsciousness. He could not detect a pulse and determined that she had stopped breathing. Cichoski began cardiopulmonary resuscitation while waiting for EMS to arrive. During that time, he also used an Automated External Defibrillator in an attempt to resuscitate the woman.

After several attempts with the AED, she started breathing and became responsive. EMS arrived and transported the woman to Raulerson Hospital, where she was able to recover thanks to Cichoski’s quick thinking and lifesaving actions.