Photo/Story Gallery 2011

GSP Visits FHP Training Academy

GSP and FHP members at the FHP academyOn Feb. 10 and 11, members of the Georgia State Patrol visited the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy. The Georgia Troopers, who are assigned to the GSP Academy, met with FHP Academy staff to discuss mobile computer use and traffic stops.

After touring the academy grounds and facilities, FHP and GSP Academy staff conducted a workshop concerning training and tactics to provide better safety for troopers in both states. Specifically, the troopers discussed the use of mobile data terminals (computers) on traffic stops and how to develop training to use them safely. The group also discussed vehicle pursuits and the quickest and safest ways to terminate them, as well as effective follow up tactics at the end of a pursuit or after a deployment of the Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT).

The two-day meeting was very productive, and the staffs from both academies came away with very good information and insight to be implemented in future training for both the Florida Highway Patrol and the Georgia State Patrol. The members from GSP and FHP look forward to future productive cooperation between the two agencies.

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