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Colonel Brierton Assumes Command of the Patrol

Col. Brierton and familyCol. Brierton's sons placed the rank insignia on his epauletsCol. Brierton’s wife pinned his new badge Executive Director Julie Jones officially promoted David H. Brierton to Colonel on March 7, 2011. The ceremony, held at general headquarters in Tallahassee, was attended by his friends and family along with members of the Patrol and FLHSMV. They filled the auditorium to capacity as others watched from the hallway. Also in attendance were Col. John Czernis, retired, Jefferson County Sheriff David Hobbs and Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight.

Pictured above left: Colonel Brierton and his family at  his promotion ceremony. Pictured above right: Col. Brierton’s wife pinned his new badge on his uniform, his sons placed the rank insignia on his epaulets and Executive Director Julie Jones presented him with his Certificate of Promotion.

Executive Director Julie Jones presented Col. Brierton with his Certificate of Promotion.In announcing the appointment, Julie Jones, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, said, “David Brierton has a tremendous record of public service and has the experience, strong leadership skills and vision necessary to lead the dedicated men and women of the Florida Highway Patrol into the future.”

Colonel Brierton has served the residents and visitors of Florida with distinction as a dedicated member of the Patrol since September 1983. An Army veteran, Brierton served as a member of the Military Police prior to joining the FHP. He is a graduate of Mountain State University with a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Criminal Justice, and has completed specialized training that includes the 27th Command Officer Development Course (Southern Police Institute) and the 41st Chief Executive Seminar (Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute).

Lt. Col. Dawson, Col. Brierton and Lt. Col. DuarteCol. Brierton and the FHP Honor GuardBrierton served as a trooper and a sergeant in Miami-Dade County. In 1989, the Patrol promoted him to lieutenant, and he relocated to Bradenton. He advanced to the rank of captain four years later and returned to south Florida to supervise operations in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. In 2003, FHP promoted Brierton to major and assigned him to Headquarters in Tallahassee, where he supervised Investigations and Professional Compliance. In 2006, Brierton was appointed Lieutenant Colonel and charged with oversight of Patrol Operations, Investigations, Contraband Interdiction, Emergency Operations and Homeland Security.

Pictured above left,  Lt. Col. Silvester Dawson, Col. David Brierton and Lt. Col. Ernesto Duarte. Pictured above right, Col. Brierton and the FHP Honor Guard.

Once the colonel received his wings, the FHP colors were passed from former director, Col. John Czernis, to FLHSMV Director Julie Jones to Brierton in a Change of Command Ceremony.

FlagThe Change of Command Ceremony is symbolically represented by the colors [Florida Highway Patrol flag] being passed from the outgoing director of the Florida Highway Patrol to the incoming director.

The colors represent not only the heritage and history of the Florida Highway Patrol, but also the unity and loyalty of its members. The colors are a symbol of authority, representing the organization. The passing of the Florida Highway Patrol colors represents the transfer of authority and responsibility for the unit from one commander to another.

In addition, the unit’s legacy is passed as a building block for future performance and achievement. With the transfer of the Florida Highway Patrol Colors here today goes the transfer of responsibility for the accomplishment of the Florida Highway Patrol’s mission and the welfare of the troops.

Flag Flag Flag

The Honor Guard Commander of the Florida Highway Patrol is traditionally responsible for maintenance and care of the Colors and so the Honor Guard Commander passes the Florida Highway Patrol Colors to the Outgoing Colonel John Czernis, signifying the Member’s appreciation for his leadership and guidance.

Flag Flag Flag

Colonel John Czernis passes the Florida Highway Patrol’s Colors to the Executive Director Julie Jones signifying the relinquishing of his command and gratitude for the opportunity to lead Troopers.

The Executive Director then passes the Florida Highway Patrol’s Colors to the Incoming Colonel, Colonel David Brierton, entrusting Him with the responsibility and care of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Flag Flag Flag

Colonel David Brierton passes the Florida Highway Patrol Colors back to the Honor Guard Commander, signifying His trust and confidence in the Leaders and Troopers of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Lt. Col. Silvester Dawson provided this narrative during the Passing of the Flag presentation.

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