Photo/Story Gallery 2010

Two New K9s Ready for Patrol

K9 RikiK9 RonnieOn July 19, the Contraband Interdiction Program welcomed two new additions, K9 Riki (left) and K9 Ronnie (right), to combat the illegal activities on our highways.

Trooper Keith Slanker (Troop B) recently had retired his long time partner, K9 Tanner, and was assigned K9 Riki, a two year old German Shepherd imported from Holland.

Trooper David Cimino (Troop G) who retired K9 Goblin after a long career, was assigned K9 Ronnie, a 2 Year old Belgium Malonois also imported from Holland.

Both K9 team members attended a 40 hour K9 Handler Transition course in Tallahassee, and successfully passed the International Forensic Institute Drug Detection exam and a Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission K9 Team Proficiency exam making them ready for the road. We welcome both teams and wish them success.