Photo/Story Gallery 2010

Troop G FHPA Promotions

L-R: Lt. Col. Link Troop-Q, Sgt. Hassler, Lt. Flynn, Capt. Williams, Major Dean Troop-Q, Major Allen, Major Thomaston, Sgt. Powell Troop-G Auxiliary Coordinator.Troop-G Major Tony Allen administered the oath of office during several recent FHP Auxiliary promotions. Major Ricki A. Dean was promoted from Captain, Troop-G to Major, Troop-Q. Major Dean will assist with the foundation funds management process statewide. Major Dean was appointed to the FHPA in August 1991 and has worked his way through the ranks.

Lt. Larry Williams was promoted to Captain and is a Unit Commander. Captain Williams was appointed to FHPA in February, 2004. He began assisting with Background Investigations in 2005, promoted to Sgt. in 2006 and he took over the background investigations of FHPA applicants for Troop-G once he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Sgt. Donald Flynn was promoted to Lieutenant. He was appointed to the Auxiliary in July 2002 and was promoted to Squad Sergeant in 2006 where he was responsible for Troop-G unit detail coordination.

Trooper Sterling “Buzz” Hassler was promoted to a Sgt. in Troop-G. Appointed to FHPA in May 2005, Sergeant Hassler set the new unit precedent of patrol time from a single A-man . He also started volunteering in the Jacksonville Regional Communications Center as a call taker in 2006, where he will continue to work.

Pictured above L-R: Lt. Col. Jim Link Troop-Q, Sgt. Sterling “Buzz” Hassler, Lt. Donald Flynn, Capt. Larry Williams, Major Rick Dean Troop-Q, Major Tony Allen, Major Steve Thomaston, Sgt. Jim Powell Troop-G Auxiliary Coordinator.