Photo/Story Gallery 2010

FHP Corporal Rescues Kidnap Victim

Cpl. FisherOn June 5, Cpl. Steven Fisher received a dispatch call regarding a black truck on Interstate 10 near the Pensacola Bay Bridge. According to a *FHP caller the truck driver was beating the front seat passenger who was hanging out of the window. Cpl. Fisher responded to the area, spotted the vehicle with the passenger still hanging out of the window and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was placed in custody for safety purposes while the passenger was interviewed.

According to the passenger she had been kidnapped by the driver, her boyfriend, from a parking lot in Pensacola and he was taking her to an unknown location. He beat her repeatedly and would not let her go. The driver was charged with Assault, Battery and Kidnapping and placed into the custody of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

Good work Cpl. Fisher!