Photo/Story Gallery 2010

Alert Trooper Saves a Life

Trooper MosesmanOn Feb. 15, 2010, Trooper Christian Mosesman, while completing a midnight check of the Interstate came across a vehicle pulled off on the North side of the road on State Road 688 just West of Interstate 275. He stopped to check it as a possible disabled motor vehicle. When he approached the vehicle he found a male occupant slumped over in the driver’s seat having a medical emergency. The driver was throwing up, gasping for air, pale in color and his lips appeared to be turning blue.

Trooper Christian Mosesman immediately called for fire rescue to respond and proceeded to stabilize the driver until EMS arrived. The driver was medically stabilized on scene by paramedics and then rushed to North Side Hospital by ambulance.

Trooper Mosesman’s alertness and attention to detail was critical in assisting the victim and getting him transported to the hospital as quickly as possible while he was suffering a possible stroke being in no condition to contact EMS on his own. Trooper Mosesman responded to the hospital, after having the vehicle towed, and learned that the victim had indeed suffered a stroke, was recovering and in stable condition.

Christian J. Mosesman, is to be commended for his outstanding actions in preventing a medical emergency from becoming much worse.