Photo/Story Gallery 2010

Aircraft Detail Leads to Drug Bust

Sgt. TorresTrooper PintoThe aviation section of the Florida Highway Patrol is essential to the Patrol’s overall mission of providing a safe driving environment. FHP Pilots are responsible for providing a wide range of law enforcement services, including speed enforcement.

On Jan. 6, FHP Pilot Sergeant Domingo “DJ” Torres was conducting speed operations on the Florida Turnpike in Miami-Dade County. Sergeant Torres radioed Trooper Alina Pinto who stopped a speeding violator with something to hide.

Upon approaching the vehicle, Trooper Pinto could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from the passenger compartment. A subsequent search revealed 6 pounds of marijuana. The driver was charged with felony possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Pictured above, Sergeant Domingo “DJ” Torres (left) and Trooper Alina Pinto (right). Pictured below, 6 pounds of marijuana (left) and Sgt. DJ Torres and his FHP aircraft (right).