Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Troopers Deliver Important Message to Teens

FTrooper speaks with studentsTroopers meet to distribute flyersHP members of the Fort Myers District organized a local campaign to deliver an important safety message to local high school students waiting at bus stops in the area. Prompting the campaign was the tragic death of a local teenage girl. Trooper Sherry Rongish and Corporal Jeff Rongish worked the fatal traffic crash that involved a high school student who was struck on her way to a neighborhood bus stop. Their concern for the safety of other teens urged these two FHP members to do something to help prevent another such tragedy in their district. They designed a flyer to pass out at bus stops in the area to make teens more aware of the hazards they face walking to and from bus stops or while waiting at bus stops.

Trooper speaking with a studentLink to flyerOn February 11, 2009, a group of dedicated troopers got up extra early in the morning to get to as many bus stops as they could to distribute the flyers. Sgt. Daniel Taylor, Troopers Andrew Close, Richard Verbiest, Robert Ellis, George Smyrnios, Cory Rozycki, and Auxiliary Troopers Rob Aponte and Norm Friedman—all came ready with flyers in hand to pass out to the kids waiting at over 100 bus stops in the area. Throughout the morning on this important mission, troopers passed out flyers and talked to kids, encouraging them to be safe and be seen at bus stops and on their way to and from school.

The Fort Myers District thanks our Print Shop for an excellent job on the flyers!