Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Troopers Crack Down on Aggressive Motorcyclists

Trooper writing a ticketIn late February, FHP intensified enforcement efforts to reduce unlawful speed and aggressive driving among motorcyclists with a special operation along the Palmetto Expressway in Miami.

Sgt. Torres and his planeTroop E troopers used aircraft piloted by Sgt. D.J. Torres to spot violators from the air while ground troopers worked to get the high speed motorcycle operators stopped on the roadways.

Working together proved successful with thirty-two arrests including citations for driving with suspended license and unlawful speed. One violator was cited for going 148 mph in a 55mph speed zone.

The detail received extensive media coverage. State Senator Rudy Garcia and State Representative Carlos Lopez-Cantera, sponsors of legislation that set a minimum $1,000 fine for exceeding the posted speed by more than 50 mph, watched as our troopers work diligently to enforce our state’s traffic laws.