Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Trooper Catches Wanted Suspect

Trooper McLeod and K-9 partner StaziOn February 25, Trooper Josh McLeod stopped at a local gas station off I-95 in Jacksonville to purchase fuel. At the station, he observed a person who was watching two nearby troopers very closely. He continued to watch the subject who displayed a curious and nervous demeanor while the troopers were near, but seemed to relax after the troopers drove off.

Trooper McLeod continued to observe the subject. Growing suspicious, Trooper McLeod ran a computer check on the subject’s tag and conducted a cross reference check on the registered owner. The check revealed that the subject had five outstanding warrants issued by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for armed robbery during a home invasion.

Trooper McLeod then made contact with the suspect and verified his identity. He called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and was advised that the suspect was also wanted for attempted murder. The suspect had allegedly shot another man in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun over a drug deal gone bad, leaving the victim in critical condition.

The suspect was taken into custody by FHP without incident and booked into the Duval County Jail.

Pictured: Trooper Josh McLeod and K-9 partner Stazi make a great team.