Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Trooper Catches Repeat Offender

Trooper StreeterDecember 12, 2008 – At approximately 3:30 p.m., Trooper Rafael Streeter was completing a traffic crash investigation in Escambia County at the conclusion of his regular scheduled day shift when he heard two vehicles approaching his location traveling at a high rate of speed with horns blaring. It appeared to Trooper Streeter that one driver was chasing the other for some undetermined reason. Trooper Streeter immediately notified the communications center in Tallahasee reporting what he witnessed and requesting assistance. Next, Trooper Streeter turned on his emergency lights and siren in an attempt to overtake the drivers of the two vehicles.

Trooper Streeter saw the lead vehicle crash into the ditch and strike a guide wire attached to a utility pole at an intersection. Trooper Streeter quickly took the driver into custody. As assistance arrived on scene to help stabilize the situation, Trooper Streeter determined from the second driver that the person he had in custody had struck the second driver’s vehicle earlier and fled the scene. The second driver thengave chase to get the other driver to stop.

After the suspect was identified, Trooper Streeter recognized the suspect as a person he had previously arrested for driving with a suspended license and registration. During the course of Trooper Streeter’s investigation, he discovered narcotics on the suspect and a credit card belonging to someone else. The suspect stated the credit card belonged to him but then stated that he found it on the street and admitted to making several unauthorized purchases with it. He said the items purchased were in the trunk of the crashed car. Upon inspection, Trooper Streeter found several electronic Xbox gaming items in the trunk. Trooper Streeter is currently working with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department regarding the credit card fraud.

Trooper Streeter is to be commended for his quick action in removing a repeat offender from Florida’s highways and recovering fraudulently purchased property.