Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Troop Holds CPS Event in Panama City

CPS Tech Vicki Paul (left holding car seat) preparing to install a new seat for this family.On August 22, 2009, the Florida Highway Patrol Troop A conducted a car seat event at the Panama City Station. Retired (and now an instructor) Lieutenant Joseph Tucker, Trooper Tammy Tindle, Trooper Wes Harsey and Car Seat Tech Vicki Paul were the National Child Passenger Safety Techs on site. The group distributed 50 convertible car seats and seven booster seats to local families in need. In addition there were ten citizens that brought their own seats to be checked for proper installation.

Randall Akins of the Rocky and Randall show (Beach radio 95.1) was there broadcasting live and pitched in to help with unloading car seats and passing out clip boards with the appropriate paperwork attached. Channel 13 News also attended the event and conducted an on camera interview with Trooper Tammy Tindle.

The event was a success culminating with many children now traveling safely with their properly installed car seats. Near the end of the event when only one seat was left, a grandmother next in line to receive the seat heard the story of a young mother who had been in a crash and needed to change her child’s safety seat out, gave her seat to the young mother. A seat was located after the event for the grandmother so that she might transport her grandchild safely from day care. It was an all around day of good will!

Pictured above: CPS Tech Vicki Paul (left holding car seat) prepares to install a new seat for this family.