Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Tinted Window Violation Leads To Major Drug Seizure

Contraband revealedContraband wrapped up.On October 10, Trooper J.C. Harrison initiated a traffic stop due to a window tint violation on a Dodge SUV eastbound on Interstate 10.

Trooper Harrison made contact with the driver and passenger in the vehicle. Although his identity was later revealed, the passenger gave a false name to the trooper. During the course of the traffic stop, indicators of criminal activity were observed. Neither occupant in the vehicle had any identification or a valid driver license.

Trooper Harrison issued the driver citations for no driver license and no proof of insurance. Trooper Harrison also issued a warning for the window tint violation and a faulty equipment notice for a broken windshield. At the conclusion of the traffic stop, Trooper Harrison requested consent to search the vehicle and all of its contents. During a search of the vehicle, a cardboard box was located in the rear storage compartment. Both occupants denied knowing to whom the box belonged and consented to Trooper Harrison opening it. Once the box was opened approximately 57.92 pounds of compressed marijuana, including packaging, was located.

Trooper Harrison arrested both men and charged them with trafficking in marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Members of the Jackson County Drug Task Force responded to the scene and assisted with this investigation.