Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Radar Enforcement Pays Off

Trooper LanderStolen vehicleDecember 10, 2008 – While Trooper James Lander was conducting radar enforcement on US 27 in Glades County, he observed a car approaching him at 102 mph. Trooper Lander stopped the driver of the vehicle who was very nervous. The driver stated that he didn’t have his registration and that the car belonged to his girlfriend. Trooper Lander obtained a name from the driver and returned to his patrol car. After running the vehicle’s tag, Trooper Lander discovered the vehicle had been stolen in an armed carjacking earlier that day.

Confiscated weaponAfter back-up arrived, Trooper Lander took the driver into custody without incident. Further investigation revealed that the driver had given him a false name. During a search of the vehicle, a .44 caliber handgun was recovered under the driver’s seat.

Trooper Lander’s actions resulted in the apprehension of a dangerous felon, making our roads a little safer in Florida.