Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Hit and Run Leads to Possible Murder

Trooper JonesRecently, a Venice Trooper got more than he bargained for during a hit and run investigation. When Trooper Michael Jones was dispatched to a crash on Cattleman Road in Sarasota County, he was advised the crash had become a hit and run because the driver had fled the scene. With help from the local sheriff’s office, Trooper Jones was able to locate the vehicle at a gas station. Knowing that most people do not run from crashes without a reason, Trooper Jones investigated further. He found that the vehicle did not belong to the suspect who indicated that he had acquired the keys from an elderly female.

During the course of his investigation, Trooper Jones determined the suspect was under the influence of alcohol and placed him under arrest for DUI. Upon an inventory search of the vehicle, Trooper Jones located personal items belonging to the vehicle’s registered owner. The suspect made statements of the nature that the owner was dead and that he might be responsible for her death.

Trooper Jones had the sheriff’s office respond to the home of the registered owner. Deputies were able to locate the victim’s body. Trooper Jones’ quick thinking and instincts in the crash investigation helped uncover a possible murder that may have otherwise gone unknown.