Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Fifty-Eight New Recruits Report to the FHP Training Academy

First FormationOn Sunday, August 9, 2009, 58 new recruits reported to the FHP Training Academy for basic recruit training. These 58 recruits were candidates of the Florida Highway Patrol’s hiring initiative entitled Operation EFFORT – Ensuring Florida’s Future with Opportunity and Recruitment of Troopers.

Operation EFFORT is an intensified recruitment, selection, and appointment to duty program of qualified trooper applicants. This program consists of a faster and more effective hiring process that allows the Patrol to address major hiring steps up front,and it has reduced the Patrol’s application to hiring time frame by approximately three to four months. Marching beginsAdditional adjustments made within the processing and background procedures have allowed the Patrol to offer an applicant employment within six to eight weeks. The ability of the Patrol to replace troopers who have retired, resigned, or otherwise left the agency is mission critical and of vital importance to the citizens and visitors of Florida.

During the FHP Executive Staff introductions, Colonel John Czernis, FHP Director, welcomed the new recruits and congratulated them on being selected to attend the 118th Recruit Class. Colonel Czernis stated to the new recruits, “I know I speak for all of the men and women of the Patrol when I say we’re glad you’re here. Our troopers in the field need help, and they’ll be looking forward to your graduation day as much as you will be.”

The new recruits will be required to successfully complete 27 weeks of rigorous training at the FHP Training Academy. They are scheduled to graduate on February 11, 2010.