Photo/Story Gallery 2009

FHP Assists a Fraud Victim

Corporal Bromiley receives an award for his efforts.Land O’ Lakes, Florida – Some time before one of our troopers arrived to work a traffic crash with injuries, the crash victim’s wallet was stolen from the scene, and a suspect began using the victim’s credit cards. Corporal Erik Bromiley, a seasoned investigator, was assigned to investigate the theft. During his investigation, he identified the suspect through different credit card transactions and the businesses where the cards were used. Once Corporal Bromiley identified the suspect, he discovered that he had a suspended driver license and an arrest warrant.

Corporal Bromiley and Corporal Michael Styers staked out the suspect’s house. When the suspect left his residence in the vehicle he had been seen driving while using the stolen credit cards, the corporals stopped him, arresting him for multiple felony crimes. In the suspect’s possession at the time of arrest were the victim’s credit cards, driver license, social security card, and other stolen Veterans Administration cards. During an interview following his arrest, the criminal confessed to all of his crimes, ensuring a solid conviction and relief for the victim.

The local American Legion presented Corporal Bromiley with a Law Enforcement Certificate of Commendation. The certificate was awarded for Outstanding Public Service Benefiting the Community, State and Nation. Great job Corporal Bromiley!

Pictured: Corporal Erik Bromiley receives an award for his efforts.