Photo/Story Gallery 2009

Academy Introduces Simunition Training

The 117th Academy Class is ready for training.recruits in protective gearIn keeping with high quality standards and traditional training, the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy has now integrated simunition training into its Basic Recruit Class (BRC) program. Starting with the 117th BRC, Simunition training will be used to expose recruits to reality-based, non-lethal, force-on-force scenario exercises for application during firearms training.

Using the new simunition techniques, recruits will gain an understanding of the importance of properly using available cover/concealment methods when threatened by lethal force or while engaged in the use of lethal force. During recent training sessions, recruits were instructed to respond to alarms and conduct safe building searches using crisscross and cutting the pie, two important tactical techniques introduced in the training.

two man scenario

one man scenario

The ammunition rounds used for this type of training are low mass and acceleration-sensitive, travelling at 400 feet per second, but still providing reliable cycling of the Beretta handgun. The reduced energy design permits safe firing against live targets as well as inanimate targets without puncturing the skin. The rounds also have a reduced noise signature, which allows for safe firing in any environment without the need for hearing protection. After making some small modifications to a few Beretta 9mm 92F semi-automatic handguns, the simunition rounds can be successfully used for this training. 

Outfitted with protective gear, the recruits were placed in scenario-based training that required entering a building where an armed suspect was hiding. The training provided as much reality for the participants as possible without risking their safety. Overall, the 117th BRC performed admirably. The FHP Training Academy also plans to integrate the scenario-based training into future mandatory retraining in-service classes for all sworn members.