Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Troopers Put Riding Skills to Test

Troop motorcyclistsFHP’s Captain Al Wofford, Trooper Fred Frye, and Trooper Clay Murphy recently put their riding skills to the test at the 2008 Palmetto Police Motorcycle Skills Competition held in Charleston, South Carolina. FHP’s team was recognized for their overall skills while Captain Wofford and Trooper Frye brought back individual honors. The competition held three divisions: Harley Davidson with faring, Harley Davidson without faring, and all other motorcycles. Captain Al Wofford placed 3rd in the Individual Rider Novice Division, Trooper Fred Frye placed 3rd in the Individual Rider Intermediate Division, and Team FHP placed 3rd in the Team Relay Ride.

Troop motorcyclists keep it between the conesThe annual competition is open to all sworn law enforcement officers who are authorized by their respective departments to ride a police motorcycle. In addition, riders must compete on a police motorcycle of at least 1000 cc’s that is equipped in the normal deployment configuration as delivered from the factory, which includes lights, saddlebag rails, and engine guards. During the competition, riders wear the law enforcement uniform they normally wear while on duty.

Several types of rides are offered in the competition: a Challenge Ride, Team Competition, Partner Ride, Individual Slow Ride, and Team Slow Ride. During all competitions, the riders are timed while traveling through the different courses. Those with the best times are recognized. Penalties are assessed for putting a foot down, touching a cone, knocking down a cone, crossing the boundary line, dropping the motorcycle, running out of a pattern, and failure to complete the exercise. A maximum of 20 penalty points are allowed per run. Riders exceeding 20 points are not allowed to advance. Great job FHP riders!