Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Trooper Stops Motorist for Loud Exhaust

Trooper Durancofiscated cannabisWhile on patrol in the Orlando area, Trooper Jason Duran conducted a traffic stop on the driver of a 2004 Honda for an altered and excessively loud exhaust. Upon approaching the vehicle, Trooper Duran detected a strong odor of raw cannabis and inquired if there were any drugs in the car.

The driver and passenger were completely cooperative. They exited the vehicle, walked to the rear hatch and opened it. cofiscated cannabis revealedThe driver then removed a towel atop a hamper full of clothes to reveal a stack of clear plastic storage bags full of cut and pressed cannabis.

As back-up arrived, both subjects were taken into custody without incident and transported to the Orange County Jail for booking. The vehicle was seized, along with $2,038 in mostly large bills. The cannabis weighed approximately 14 pounds with a street value of about $8,900.