Photo/Story Gallery 2008

Trooper Recovers Stolen Goods

Trooper Justin MayTampa Trooper Justin May’s recent traffic stop of a motorist who ran a red light and had an improperly displayed license plate ultimately led to the arrest of the traffic violator for burglary and the recovery of thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise in Hillsborough County.

Trooper May arrested the motorist for the traffic violations. While he was conducting an inventory of the vehicle’s contents, a local sheriff’s deputy stopped to check on Trooper May’s safety and to advise him that a local business had just been robbed. After receiving a brief description of the items that had been stolen, Trooper May realized he already had the burglary suspect in custody. He had recovered the stolen goods!

Another good example of cooperation between agencies and looking past the traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a career criminal and the return of nearly $10,000 worth of merchandise to the rightful owner. Good job FHP!